SOAROZ Internet Support Group Mailing List
How to subscribe

SOAROZ is a closed mailing list and can only be accessed by members. In order to verify that an applicant matches the membership criteria, and also to initiate the join process in the easiest possible way, we need to ask for certain information prior to approving membership. We ask the following questions:

We recognise that you may find it helpful to know a little about the group mentor before joining, so here is a brief biography:

Clare Pascoe is a former mentor of SOAR and now creator and mentor of SOAROZ.  She is a survivor of abuse in the Anglican  Church, having been abused by her parish priest from the age of 14 to 17 years old. She was a member of SOAR for 10 years and a mentor for 4 years. She runs her own website providing resources for clergy abuse victims in Australia. She also speaks publicly about clergy sexual abuse when a survivor's voice is asked for.

To join SOAROZ send an email to the list mentor by clicking here. In the text of your letter, please include the information requested above. You may wish to highlight the questions here with your mouse and then copy the text (press CTRL C), then click on the join link and paste the text into your email (put your cursor in the body of the email and press CTRL V) before typing your answers.

If you have any problems, send an email to Clare by clicking here. Please include details of what problem you are encountering.

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